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Three Migraine Treatments

While I have not discovered a permanent cure for migraines I have come up with both a treatment that stops an attack almost immediately, there is also one that alleviates pain, and can be done when there is no one to help you, and one that makes them fun to have.


A Treatment That Is Effective In Just Thirty Seconds

To stop a migraine attack one need only have The Kadir-Buxton Method used on the patient. It is a simple technique to use, and provided that a partner, friend, neighbour, and work colleague are trained by the patient on how to do the Kadir-Buxton Method the patient need no longer suffer protracted pain again.


Alleviating The Pain Until Help Arrives


On alleviation of pain, it has been found that orgasm cuts pain by 80%, if you are on your own, or have no one nearby that you have trained in The Kadir-Buxton Method or


'Post Sex' then you can alleviate the pain at a stroke of the nose once you have an 


Orgasmic Nose.


The Fun Treatment


And the fun way of treating migraine is to use the 'Post Sex' method to turn pain into pleasure. The effect on a migraine sufferer is more fun than sexual intercourse and this makes a nice break from the usual agony of migraine.


Migraines are widespread in the population and are a nasty experience for those who suffer from them. 16-17% of the population will experience one migraine during their lifetime and there are some 303 million migraineurs in the world according to a WHO report in 2003. A free and fast relief to the problem is what is needed, and what we have.

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