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Women’s Rights are a Pillar in the Climate Crisis Fight


The “Drawdown” project says that the best way of cutting CO2 emissions is to educate women, supply them with contraceptives, and give them land rights.

Women who are educated tend to have less children, and later in life which both bring the population increase down, provided their government and agencies provide enough contraceptives for all, of which I have a free method.
The cheapest form of education would be a website with logical progression MP3 files in all languages for free download. The ancient Greeks used this IQ boost to improve their life skills and a modern woman today, given the IQ of a MENSA member for free would be more able to live in our climate crisis. A large donation from our overseas spending department, the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office would be able to kick off enough legal action to ensure that all governments are soon supplying cheap contraceptives and giving property rights to all women. There is already a registered charity in the UK with this aim.

This initiative would not take much money, and in slashing CO2 emissions, would make life in the climate crisis a lot more survivable.

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