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My politics were set in stone by seeing the horrors of the Vietnam War on colour television, never since have state terrorists allowed such atrocities to appear in the sitting rooms of the electorate because of this unforeseen effect. I was left a traumatized pacifist to this day, as are many others. I am inspired by great minds and Prime Minister Harold Wilson had a measured IQ of 450, few liked to debate with Harold in The House of Commons, and Margaret Thatcher was often found with “the runs” in the toilet when she should have been facing him in the Chamber. I had the great pleasure in meeting Harold several times over the years and my inventions helped his tortured mind when he was in ill health. I found that a small amount of cannabis in his pipe would soon get his speech making abilities back to the standards of his peak, for example.


I have since had to take legal action against Harold's successors for claiming my popular Labour Party Red Logo is not mine, and they still not too quietly try to break the law again, but my ideas made Neil Kinnock nearly electable, and had a bearing on the success of the New Labour of Tony Blair. Here are just a few of the ideas that I had implemented, and that I still keep floating.


I find that if you are exceptional in campaigning then life can be dangerous, and started the Anti-Political Assassination Campaign after Leader of the Opposition Ted Heath took violent offense at my Economy 7 invention in 1974.


You can read more on my Mass Party Campaign on my Curriculum Vitae web page.

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