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Alzheimer's and Dementia Cure:

Two methods for treating Alzheimer's can be combined for a permanent cure

Clive Holmes is Professor of Biological Psychiatry in the division of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Southampton, his work in destroying the protein plaques thought to cause Alzheimer's with the use of a vaccine is a leap forward for Alzheimer's sufferers, it stops them getting any worse. The vaccine does not alleviate or reverse the symptoms of the patient, but The Kadir-Buxton Method does. The effects of degenerative brain diseases can be held in check by The Kadir-Buxton Method only by repeated treatment. The work of Clive Holmes reported in New Scientist Issue No. 2666 suggests that there may now be a permanent cure for this most cruel of diseases when the two methods are combined in the treatment of the patient. Clive Holmes is quoted in 'New Scientist' Issue 2668 as saying: "With Alzheimer's, the damage to the brain happens gradually over a period of years. The best thing you could normally hope for it to keep things where they are. The underlying structure-of dead brain cells-will still be there." This to me suggests that we might have a loss of IQ, which can be remedied by teaching the patient logic. I have a page on how to achieve this on my website. There could also be changes in personality due to the Alzheimer's effecting some parts of the brain more than others. People who knew the patient before the onset of illness and also see the patient cured might be able to identify character traits that have changed. These traits can then be reversed using The Kadir-Buxton Method in just the same way as we would use it to erase bad memories. 

See Brain Washing

A study has been done that shows that learning the memory aid mnemonics can replace the memories that are needed in everyday living as the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory, shrinks due to the disease. I would like to see mnemonics tested in those suffering from dementia too.

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