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Two Acne Treatments


I am one of those unfortunate people who have spent a life time fighting acne, some medication can lead to mental disorders, and sadly these can lead to suicide. One of the best treatments I have come up with is to only drink water, within a fortnight people are complementing me on my complexion, others that I have suggested it to have also found that a fortnight is all it takes for this treatment that can transform lives. The medical profession warns against drinking excessive amounts of water and this treatment only involves changing your drinking habits, not increasing them.


Self-innoculation has also been used by me during the worst periods of acne. This involves empying the pustules and collecting the pus in a piece of silver paper. The silver paper is then heated with a cigarette lighter until all the bacteria are killed and broken into pieces. The ash is then consumed. The immune system builds up resistence until you only have a boil like acne come up later. Repeat the process above and the acne will then be gone for a period of four months which is plenty of time to find a boy/girl friend.


These methods have been repeated by other sufferers, including one suicidal girl online, who soon had several boy friends.

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