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Dirty, Dangerous, and Expensive; Say No to Nuclear


Since 1954 nuclear power stations have been generating electricity for the grid. 65 years later scientists are no further forward when it comes to nuclear waste.

The Royal Navy has retired 20 nuclear submarines since 1980 and has still not come up with a safe way of disposing of the nuclear waste, and has not dismantled any of them. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) estimates that to do so would cost £7.5 billion over 120 years. In spite of their being no geologically safe location for the billions of years some of the nuclear waste takes to become safe the MoD wants to spend another £51 billion on new nuclear submarines that it then will not be able to dismantle. In the civil nuclear industry the waste disposal at least has to be looked at in the design stage, even though there is no way to do it; the MoD still does not have to. That governments and industries are allowed to build anything nuclear without any safe method of disposal shows us that decision makers are illogical and dangerous, this is a much bigger problem than even plastic and there are no signs of an enforceable international agreement to ban the nuclear industry until a safe disposal mechanism is invented, something that nuclear scientists in the field say is impossible. There must be a moratorium to agree that decision makers in the field have a minimum IQ of 150 so that this dangerous farce can end. This vast sum of money must be diverted to solving the climate crisis that will quickly get worse as we ride the 'hockey stick.'

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