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Sexual Health



My inventions are orientated towards the human experience, from conception, to birth, to life, old age, and death. Without sex there would be no human life and how to be good at it, and enjoy it to the maximum are a common concern. Science is still advancing, for example “experts” are still debating whether the G spot exists, and the believers always claim that it can only be found in one place. I believe that my inventions in this field have taken the knowledge of sex further, and that it may take some time for the “experts” to catch up, but you decide for your selves. Experimentation is better than reading text books at the moment.


My fertility treatment over the years has led to several babies being named after me, which is a great honour; and I vividly remember inventing the Buxton Hand clap Method of childbirth in the back of a taxi rushing to hospital while the expectant mother screamed in agony due to her transverse birth, the baby went on to have her own child with this Method.


And I hope that my two safe sex methods will catch on in the Gay community, as they could both help cut down the number of HIV/AIDS sufferers, and help them if they are so unfortunate.


Have fun and stay safe.

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