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Reducing Labour Pain By 80%

Whilst my wife was in hospital having our son I read in 'New Scientist' that orgasm reduced pain by 80%. I had been instructing women in the Hands Free method of controlling Primary Menstrual Cramps since I was a school boy. Perhaps nothing would have come of these two ideas if I had not struck up a conversation with a woman that was in the maternity ward with my wife. This woman had lost both a grandmother and mother in childbirth and was terrified of dying in childbirth herself. I knew from long experience of the Hands Free Method that it was possible for a woman to achieve a state of multiple orgasm over long periods after just forty five minutes. (Please see page on eliminating primary menstrual cramps)

It would thus be possible for a woman to cut childbirth pain by 80% using the Hands Free Method, or The Orgasmic Nose Method. This woman did so and described the delivery as " easy" and the pain was described as "no worse than a bad headache."

Since the birth of my son over three years ago several other woman have had success with this method. I would like to see this low tech method is used both in the NHS and in the Third World.

Although the medical profession does not like low tech solutions such as the Kadir-Buxton Method and Hands Free Method there is a place for them in an increasingly expensive medical profession.


Please see also: The Buxton Handclap Method of Childbirth.



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