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Climate Crisis Issues



The Earliest Steps Taken in Climate Crisis Improvement


The damage that man does to the environment has become an ever more pressing problem for myself, and many others over the decades. I came up with my first invention in this field when I was twelve. Prime Minister Harold Wilson asked the country to come up with a way of cutting down on the number of power stations we had, and I came up with Economy 7.


In the early 1980s I came up with the world's first self-funding near-zero CO2 plan, no major economy had adopted such a plan as yet. To summarize:


A 10 kilometre deep lined and capped water well can convert all power stations to clean energy, a cut of 30% in CO2 emissions. A 20% cut would come from electrification of all vehicles. 41% would come from coating all buildings in Starlite. Aircraft and Ships could halve emissions by using fuel mixed with water using an ultrasonic dibber. Aircraft account for 6% of CO2, while shipping accounts for 4.5%, so another 5.25% can be saved. The total savings would then be 96.25%. Improving soil using biochar would then cut CO2 in the atmosphere by locking it in the ground.

Cement based on magnesium silicates, not only requires much less heating, it also absorbs large amounts of CO2 as it hardens, making it carbon negative. 

It can all be paid for by eliminating mental illness using the Kadir-Buxton Method.


Biochar is an ancient invention being found by archaeologists that locks atmospheric CO2 in the soil for thousands of years, a by-product of it's soil improving function. I hope that these pages are inspiring enough to you for you to campaign on these issues.



I had the following letter published in the magazine “Computer Shopper” July 2018 issue, I hope that it gives you some ideas for both saving money, and more importantly, the environment.






















Refute Climate Deniers


To overcome the climate deniers' obtuse arguments just say to your mobile phone: “Hey google, followed by first line of the climate deniers' argument, followed by the word refute.” Your mobile phone will then answer the climate deniers' arguments for you, which saves the environmentalist having to memorise a whole lot of data. This is good for mathematics homework, just add a nonsense answer before the word “refute.” You will also be given the working for the answer.



This work has already been done online in writing, and can be seen at:

Contact them if you have any more refutes than those listed.  


How to become Carbon Negative

If you want to join me in being carbon negative then just change your fossil fuel electricity and gas supplier to one that solely generates environmentally friendly energy. Next offset cheaply with forest gardens with 'Trees for the Future.'



'38 Degrees' Petition

I have started a petition at '38 Degrees' and hope that you will sign it with me, it calls for a near-zero CO2 plan to be implemented now, paid for by the elimination of mental illness, at a saving of £100 billion a year in the UK alone. We have the technology.

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