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Improving Taxation For Democracy's Sake

Revolutionary Alteration of The Taxation System to Enable The Electorate


In order to improve democracy voters should be able to decide what the money they pay tax on is spent on by government. Politicians frequently make spending decisions based on what is best for their career, or to get into the history books. The electorate should be able to spend their hard earned money on such things as pensions, National Health Service, education, housing, nuclear war, and conventional defence. No spending should be ring fenced unless a referendum is held first. The basket of policies that the electorate vote for at elections is probably not what they would spend their money on when they have the choice to decide, and we are adult enough to decide for ourselves. It would then be up to governments to decide policy based on the budgets they are given. This was temporarily a policy of the Labour Party under Neil Kinnock for the 1992 General Election in the UK, it was popular, but was scuppered by Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Margaret Beckett, who's ego wanted to decide for herself how money is spent. Margaret snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Just at the Labour Party squeezed ahead in the opinion polls because of this policy, Beckett got rid of it, and the Labour Party lost the General Election.

Popular Taxation Rates Are Also Important


I have been campaigning for years to get the taxation policy of the Labour Party set by opinion poll of all the classes as to how much they are willing to pay by way of taxation. I succeeded in getting the Labour Party to adopt my idea once, The Shadow Chancellor was all in favour of it and my policy was extremely popular with the electorate. I would like my idea to be taken up by the Labour Government now. A popular tax rate for all classes at the next General Election will win the election for us, regardless of who is Prime Minister.

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