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Environmental Peace Plan

In 2016 the entirety of world military expenses totalled up to more than 1.6 trillion dollars. If we could have a peace plan that ran this down to zero, and spent the money on a world wide low carbon plan we would soon achieve our targets that we have to achieve.

Such a plan was discussed by Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan as part of the peace plan which ended the Cold War. We need CND and the environmental movement to actively campaign for such a plan, which is:


To have all countries cede all of their armed forces in agreed stages, to a democratically elected United Nations, until war becomes impossible; as discussed in the peace treaty between the USSR and USA that ended the Cold War by the US agreeing to cut WMD in return for democracy in Eastern Europe.


This is a peace plan that can work, and would leave most of the world’s population unharmed by the climate crisis.

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