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Stammer Cure:

Old Stammer Cure is Still the Best Treatment


When I was 14 my natural parents decided on a divorce and the stress this news caused induced a stammer in me. I remember distinctly a school teacher and my own natural father enjoyed putting me under pressure in order to make me stammer more. That was, until I read comedian Michael Bentine's book: 'The Long Banana Skin' which, amongst other things, explained a cure for the stammers that had fallen out of use years previously. I gave it a go and was soon cured. The method used the fact that people, even with the very worst stammers, were able to sing perfectly. The patient is encouraged to sing a sentence, and then by using intonation gradually make the sentence sound more and more like speech until the listener can only hear a spoken word. When the patient uses this method for two weeks the singing like speech becomes 'stuck' and a cure is affected. Three weeks of catching up with the quantity of speech missed out on follows.

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