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Love Potion Number 10:

The Low Tech Relationship Enhancer

Love Potion Number 10 is a packet of oxytocin tablets crushed up and added with water, or mixed with water in a liquidiser. It can then be poured into a Perfume dispenser. Oxytocin is colourless and odourless and makes you and your partner fall in love again. Preliminary tests have shown that it enhances emotional relationships, as couples feel that they love each other as much as when they first got into their relationship, a sample was sent to the Charity 'Relate' in the UK for further study. If you want to enhance or even save a relationship, make yourself some Love Potion Number 10 this year. The Love Potion also helps make you more attractive to other people.

Positive medical use has been found for Love Potion Number 10 in waking the recently deceased (Please also see: The Kadir-Buxton Jump Start), reviving the unconscious, and stopping heart attacks in mid-stride.

I suffer from high endorphin levels, which leaves me permanently happy, which some find very irritating. I also fall in love very easily. I have found that Oxytocin gives a similar feeling and can thus be a treatment for depression, and paranoia. I have not done extensive testing on other mental illnesses but feel sure that it would have positive effects, I think this because by increasing endorphin levels by orgasm and body building, all while listening to your favourite music has been found to make the various symptoms of mental illness liveable. If taking Oxytocin for long periods I suggest using adequate birth control at the same time in order to prevent little accidents. Some people do not want an instant and permanent cure, and this would be a self controlled treatment for this minority. Please also see my other pages on mental illness. Stress leads to poor and little sleep, which leads in turn to mental illness. The Tension Sheet alleviates stress,


my Insomnia Cures improve sleep patterns, and an alternative cure to

The Kadir-Buxton Method,


is the British Space Administration Drinking Game. 

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