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Safe Sex Method

I was aware that while some men found that having their prostate tested by rectal examination to be a horrible experience, other men found it quite pleasant. It came to me that it might be that all men could find this examination enjoyable if the procedure was done enough times in a row. So I had a gay friend test out my hypothesis, and he found that the more times that the procedure was done, the more pleasurable it became; and that eventually the sensation would become stronger than orgasm.


The method is to find a doughnut shaped lump at the front of the rectum, two inches up at the front, in this safe-sex method the prostate is squeezed a number of times in order to create the sensation I was looking for.


It is a walnut-sized organ at the base of the bladder. It can be felt with the tip of a finger inserted into the rectum. Its texture and firmness should be similar to that of the flesh between your thumb and the rest of the hand when you make a tight fist. If you feel anything that is as firm as the knuckle, then that needs to be brought to a Doctor's attention.

Originally I found this invention desirable for the Gay community because a method of stimulation known as "fisting" not only did not find this anal orgasm, but also led to incontinence if used often.


In the event that incontinence happens, one needs to tighten the anal sphincter. This can be simply done by purchasing what is known in sex shops as a "rigid digit," which is a passive hollow rubber finger that is inserted in the anus. One simply needs to do body building of the anal sphincter using this device. Ten tightening, holding for ten seconds, before relaxing just three times a day can bring continence again in just two weeks. Every month the anus should be kept stretched to prevent pain by very slowly inserting the fist.


When the HIV epidemic hit I became aware that this method of stimulation could become a form of safe-sex. However, the only publicity I got for this invention was in UK publication "Private Eye." It was just after the Church of England had a committee which came up with the idea of masturbation and prayer as a form of safe sex, it had come out on top in a debate with those who insisted on prayer and masturbation! I had predicted this in UK magazine"Private Eye," after I had failed to get on the committee, in spite of inventing two forms of safe sex. This is why I feel it necessary to publish this invention on my website. Why not make your own website in your own languages on your experiences with these two forms of safe sex, in order to get the news around.


For how to have a spiritual experience using two of my inventions at a time please see my Post Sex page; it can be used as an alternative to safe sex on it's own. 

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