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Mental Health Cures


My “natural father” was a diagnosed psychopath, and my childhood before he left home, was disturbed to say the least. The medical profession at the time, and still today, say that psychopaths cannot be cured and it is up to the legal profession to deal with them once they have been driven to crime by their deranged minds, I hope that you find my web page on the subject of interest.


At school one of the boys had been taught Martial Arts by his father, and I was driven to read old books on the subject in order to beat him in a fair fight. My research revealed an old technique which is no longer in use, that stuns the brain, and yet your opponent stays standing where they are for a period from thirty seconds to forty days, depending on how hard it is done. I used it in anger when an insane man attempted to kill rock star Annie Lennox at a gig at Retford Porterhouse, for being the Anti Christ (wrong sex but the attacker was probably not a Biblical scholar!) When the attacker came to he was cured. Unfortunately it did not click that I had made a medical breakthrough, and it was a few years later when a schizophrenic asked me to knock him out to give him a break from the “voices” he was hearing that I thought that this Kung Fu move might be of help. I believe that what became known as the Kadir-Buxton Method was the way in which Jesus Christ healed the mentally ill as, patients then, as now, come to and do not know how they got to be where they are, and often why they are dressed down compared to how they used to be.


Because some patients have an irrational fear that the Kadir-Buxton Method might hurt; or they do not want to be fully cured, but have control over when they feel well other inventions of mine have come about in the years since. As one in four of the population suffer from mental illness, and given the fact that the average length of sleep we get is dropping, which is the root cause of mental illness; this figure is going to rise. So why not arm yourself with these inventions in order to help your fellow man, and let the medical profession catch up in it's own good time. (Since 1980 I have only persuaded one Doctor to use the Kadir-Buxton Method that I know of.)

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