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Mud Slide Prediction


Reducing Mortality from Mud Slides


I wrote to organisers of a meeting in Rio de Janeiro after reading in the “WeDon'tHaveTime” app (every new user plants a tree thanks to with regards to getting technology that can cut deaths due to mud slides, which are increasing due to global weirding. As a young boy I climbed a mountain in the UK with my parents, there were loud creaking noises coming from the ground, no one on the mountain knew what they were. Then just a meter below me the soil came clean off the rock, slid down the mountain, and took out three coaches of Japanese tourists. Similarly, the mysterious creaking noises from a mountain in Wales a few years ago were reported by unknowing journalists, and this time I was prepared. With a few phone calls I was able to get the police to block off the area, local geologists from the nearest University were able to accurately predict how far the mud slide would go, and no lives were lost. We can have a low tech warning system just by getting people aware of this noise and getting them to report it to both the local University and police, educating with simple MP3 files, relatively cheaply. A second, more expensive layer of defence can be put up, with remote sound sensors programmed to listen out for this loud creaking noise, you will just have to record one first so that the sensor knows what to listen out for, hopefully governments would see fit to invest in such technology for their people.

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