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Health Cures 1

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I have always been interested in the workings of the human body, and remember, as a 14 year old boy, looking at an artery on a slide under the microscope during Biology lessons at school; the artery had been broken but I was able to push the two broken halves together with a pin when concentrating hard enough to steady my hand at this level. So after the medical profession announced that it would never be able to sow back severed limbs because of the movement of surgical hands at the microscopic level I knew they were wrong, and that the equipment they had just started using to observe operations at the microscopic level could be used to guide microscopic surgery instead. I invented a term for this and then got my Biology teacher, Mr. Smith, to announce my work to the world; Microsurgery was born. Now many charlatans can be found claiming to have invented Microsurgery, one claimed to have sown a severed rabbit's ear back in place, in spite of the above equipment not being invented, he also unscientifically ate the evidence! Others claiming my work were too old or from the young country and when the United Nations used to fine such criminals £2000 a time I saw off a few more.


Since 1976 I have had my fair share of medical breakthroughs, but where as Microsurgery started a whole new well paid career for the medical profession and so was embraced, many of my inventions are low tech and cheap, this threatens jobs in the medical profession so fare less well. But hear are some of them, I hope that you test them out for yourselves if you need to. If you could tell your local Doctor about how you got on with them that would be great. Live long and prosper!

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