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The Primary Orgasmic Dysfunction Cure

Female Primary Orgasmic Dysfunction is the inability to orgasm in women.

Orgasm strength can be increased by breathing out and holding the breath. Similarly, the strength of orgasm can be reduced by holding in the breath. This has the same idea as auto erotic asphyxiation but without the inherent dangers. Auto erotic asphyxiation is dangerous and lead to the death of UK Conservative Party MP Stephen Milligan in 1994.

Many women feel that they are about to orgasm but then do not have any sensation of orgasm. This is due to breathing in at the critical period thus minimising sensation, rather than breathing out in order to increase it. In order to cure Female Primary Orgasmic Dysfunction breathing in before orgasm is a habit that must be broken. For this the patient will need a partner, and forty five minutes, as the habit of a life time takes a while to break.

Masturbation the Hands Free Way is going to be done by the patient for forty five minutes. In order to do this one simply has to clench and then relax the vagina repeatedly until the point of orgasm is reached. Whenever the patient feels about to orgasm she signals this to her partner by raising a hand. The partner then ensures that the patient breathes out rather than in by pushing her thoracic diaphragm in with her hand for two seconds. (The thoracic diaphragm is a sheet of muscle extending across the bottom of the rib cage.)

Because the patient is breathing out when orgasm occurs it can be felt.

However, it takes practice to get into the habit of breathing out at orgasm and so Hands Free is carried out by the patient for the rest of the forty five minutes whilst the partner pushes in the diaphragm whenever signalled to do by a raised hand to ensure that breathing out occurs at the right time.

Once The Exhaling Method is learnt it is not forgotten, and enhances the quality of life.

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