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Increasing Breast Milk Production

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Low Tech Method For Increasing Lactation Levels

 'Hands Free' Masturbation , alternating tightening and relaxing of thevaginal muscles for five minutes,is a simple method for increasing the quantity of breast milk produced. It can be done discretely, and can produce excess milk which can then be sold on to private hospitals who pay a premium for human milk. I got the concept in part from my grandfather's goats. When I milked them I noted that the more they enjoyed the experience the more milk they produced, and after being milked they were wide awake, their eye pupils were wide open, and they had a smile on their faces, which I later discovered were all signs of sexual pleasure. Later, I read that scientists had discovered that mother who enjoyed breast feeding the most also produced the most milk, and I linked the two facts together. Once I had discovered 'Hands Free' masturbation it was just a matter of time before I met a woman who was having difficulty with breast feeding, as this is a common problem. Some private hospitals in the UK pay £200 per pint and several women have paid off their mortgages this way. And instead of a second child why not save up for a sports car?



Experts in the field are puzzled by the rapid decline in ability to lactate, latest figures suggest that only 1% of women in the UK breast feed. I would blame modern contraception. From the above invention we can see that the ability to orgasm is necessary for breast milk production, and with contraception there is no need to stop at the breast line when heavy petting, which would have led, with time, to orgasmic breasts. Women are increasingly complaining that they cannot orgasm with breast manipulation, and I have been campaigning for many years for women to have a friend massage their breasts with warm baby oil for two hours, the time taken for breasts to learn to be orgasmic.

I also have another method. The orgasm achieved by stroking the nipple along it's length with warm baby oil is unpleasant at first, but every time an orgasm is achieved in this way the orgasm becomes more pleasant, so take time over it.


Both of these procedures are more likely to lead to an increase in breast milk production.

Quantifying Baby Breast Milk Ingestion

There are many reasons that a mother may need to know how much breast milk a baby is drinking; and sometimes start using bottled milk, either expressed or processed, so that they can gauge how much milk their baby is getting. It is possible to just weigh the breasts before and after feeding, and adding the differences together in order to derive a minimum. It is possible that more milk than this has been produced, particularly if my method of increasing milk production is being followed, but a bare minimum is often all that is needed.

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