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Two Free Low Tech Cancer Cures


A Cure With Faith

Several people over the years have asked if they could pray for me, and then proceed to think about my head area in their prayer. All this does is cause a few false visions. More popular still is praying against someone, which leaves a feeling of depression which leaves as soon as the praying stops. (This led to me inventing humming hymns in order to fight depression.

I have developed a way of praying that involves praying for the whole body. After permission to pray is given, you imagine coming up through the feet of the person and up into their whole body in faith. The effect is at first laughter, and then on to an angelic plain. Here the person being prayed for can ask the Angels for a state of grace to overcome what has been troubling them. A feeling of elation is left after the event. A cancer cure can be asked for at this time.

It is possible to form a ring of Christians, all of whom pray for the person to their right. In this way all of them can reach the Heavens, not in body, but in spirit, and the feeling of elation gives new meaning to our faith.


Not everyone is a believer and so do not want necessarily to use praying as a cure but, I came up with an alternative many years ago.

A Cure With Science

I read many years ago that oxygen kills cancer, and in fact using oxygen related treatments are being used for this reason. (Body builders who have good oxygen supplies are less likely to get cancer than average, while those with sleep apnoea have poor oxygen supplies and are more likely to get cancer.)

I found that while doing voluntary work in a cancer ward, that just breathing deeply all day has the ability to kill off the cancer, even in patients written off by the medical profession. The blood supply goes to all areas of the body, including the cancer. It is possible to get dizzy by breathing deeply all the time, but stopping doing it for a while will help with this symptom. The extra oxygen will also increase energy levels in the muscles, so that patients can be more active. If the cancer has got to the brain then the patient will have to be reminded each day to breath deeply all day, in order that they do not forget.

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