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Brain Washing:

Reasons for and Method of Brain Washing


Why brain wash? The simple fact is that the ability to remove unwanted character traits, whether voluntary ones that lead to a life of crime, or due to illness such as Alzheimer's, or due to brain injury such as being wounded in wars is a good thing. Removing bad memories that lead to such things as depression, manic depression and psychopathy can also be treated in the same way.

The Kadir-Buxton Method is done by making a fist of both hands, and striking both ears of the patient at exactly the same time and pressure with the soft part of the inner hand which is where the thumb joins the hand. Please see the diagram on The Kadir-Buxton Method page of my website.

The procedure is painless and the patient regains consciousness faster the less hard the double blow is struck. With practice, I am able to render the patients unconscious for only thirty seconds. Other individuals have faired even better.

Removing unwanted character traits is the same as removing bad memories. For example, if the patient is one of the 80% of battle casualties that have brain damage, then the new character traits have to be found by interviewing family and friends. If the patient is more violent they should be asked to remember their reasons and emotions for violence as vividly as possible, and the stun technique is then used. The procedure of remembering the reasons for violence must be remembered again twice more and the stun technique used on each occasion. Once the memory is eradicated, the patient is cured of the personality change, and the other changes witnessed can be worked upon. Whilst there is not much hope of getting the patient's personality back exactly how it was it is a great improvement on doing nothing.

In order to spot a psychopath you can tell them a joke, if they laugh in all the wrong places then they are obviously not thinking on the same lines as the other 99% of the population. Psychopathic disorder can be treated by asking the patient to think as vividly as possible how much they enjoy lying. When the enjoyment of lying has been taken away the patient now loses their psychopathic personality. Caution must be taken because a liar can think of something else instead of how much they enjoy lying as part of the lying process, and other memories could be erased instead. Alternatively the self-love of the psychopath can be deleted, also leading to a cure. I have found in studies that psychopaths and right wing politicians often have small penises, right wing secret service agents are even smaller. Using thought suggestion while the patient has been stunned (I mimic their voice and tell them three times that they have a larger penis) I have been able to achieve personality improvements. A man with a four inch penis was persuaded in this way that he had a six inch penis and his personality changed from that of psychopathic to normal. When I convinced him that he had a twelve inch penis, he became nice to women and bought bottles of champagne for them, which made for a good evening.

Further evidence that genital transplants will cure psychopaths comes with the discovery that a psychopath can pleasure himself with his other hand, while holding a cucumber in his given hand, afterwards the psychopath reports feeling better. Women psychopaths should rub a hazelnut at the same time.

Penis transplants have already been mastered in China and I would suggest that they be used for those men suffering from psychopathy and right wing politics. In the meantime, I read two books in the local library on the history of camouflage, the science of making things look smaller. By simply reversing the rules of camouflage I was able to invent anti-camouflage, which makes things look bigger. I then went on to design a tattoo for penises that make a four inch penis look like a six inch penis and was not surprised to learn that this simple invention altered the suffers personality to the better. This is the best that can be achieved until penis transplants become common place. As 1% of the population are psychopaths while 30-40% of the prison population are psychopaths, then treatments that actually work are a great improvement over present medical learning, which says that there are no cures and so the dangerous 1% are left in the community until they fall foul of the law. I also have a method of tripling the length of the penis, which would probably help with male psychopaths.

Psychopaths have used my insomnia cures, which thus cures mental illness, of heating salt water in an oil burner overnight. After just one night a psychopath was able to tell his girl friend that he loved her, which she felt was a great improvement.

Another use for brainwashing is to improve body image, a person's feelings of the aesthetics and sexual attractiveness of their own body. By deleting thoughts of why a person does not like their own body it is possible to make people happier with themselves.

Finally, offspring of incestuous relationships have lower than normal IQs, and lash out with their tongues without taking time to think, and they are unable to increase their IQ using logical progression as most people can. However, we can use my brain washing method to ensure that they take, for example, five seconds before making a response. The Bible teaches us that God gives us the option to choose good or evil, advising us to do good. So we also program the choose good option while the patient is taking five seconds to come up with an answer. By doing these two brain washing jobs at the same time six times we arrive at a better person that no hypnotist can undo, however much they are paid. One psychiatrist, Dr. Christopher John Hawley, spent £6 million of NHS money trying to hypnotise a patient into not using such programming, and failed. There was a government cover up but the patient remained in a better condition than when the “Doctor” first hypnotised him. The NHS should have spent the money saving lives.

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