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Treating The Love Of Money:

The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil

Tom Hodkinson in 'The Ecologist' magazine (March 2008) wonders why rich people in the developed world are interested in making poor people in the undeveloped world richer. He suggests that it is so that they will have enough money to buy produce from them. However, while some rich people see the undeveloped world as a market to sell their goods when they are not stealing what they want using The World Bank, IMF, and WTO, there are others that have a genuine concern for the very poorest. The old adage that the love of money is the root of all evil does not mean that we must ban money. Instead we must give everyone wanting a high powered job, whether in politics or industry, a personality test like the one in the US Democratic Party which ensures that all their candidates are not self serving. We will then have a society where those that love money cannot get large amounts of it and the egalitarian people that do then get the top jobs are those most likely to put society before individuals.

Let the rich help the poor to help themselves. I have nothing against wealthy people spending their money on digging water wells in order to quadruple food supplies amongst other things, setting up micro loan Banks to kick start local economies, or providing cheap computers so that the children in the undeveloped world can compete with the rich children in the developed world on a more level playing field. The developed world adopting this personality test ensures that more rich people will be putting the poor first.


It would also be possible to cure the love of money using by using my Brain Washing Method.

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