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On Becoming a Better Person


My Great Grandfather was schooled in the Ancient Greek invention of Logical Progression, and as a small boy I used to spend months between family visits coming up with logical arguments that would be able to beat him in debate. Much to the surprise of those that knew him I sometimes won. He had been a Diplomat for The League of Nations, and although the Official Secrets Act of the time stopped him from telling me what he had invented during his time, with a mind like his it was probably quite a lot.


Later his great mind would become senile, I brought him back from the brink with logical progression twice, and he lived until 98.


Soon after my Great Grandfather taught me logical progression, I had my first invention and was very happy to tell him about it. It turns out that logical progression increases IQ, and increasing IQ makes problem solving easier, thus inventions can come thick and fast.


Other methods of self improvement have come about over the years and I hope that you find them invaluable.


Still on the subject of self improvement you might find my How To Feel Young In Old Age page.

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