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How To Increase Penis Length

Many years ago “New Scientist” magazine published the fact that the vagina shrank to a third of it's size when the knees are placed in the chest, although they did not think of it I knew that this would effectively increase the size of the penis by a factor of three, thank you “New Scientist.” Before using the “Triplicatör” sex position ensure that the woman orgasms first, in order to lubricate the womb and cut pain by 80%; the cervix can then be popped with a slow and steady push. Afterwards you just need to tickle the cervix shut (useful to know if you see someone about to lose their baby) Do not use this sex position if you have reason to believe that the woman might be pregnant. There is reason to believe that this position may cure psychopaths driven insane by their small genitals. Evidence of this can be seen on my brain washing page. The size of the penis is often a problem between couples, but this now need not be the case.



Laughter Therapy


The “Triplicatör” position can be used in Laughter Therapy. Women find that when their G spots are stimulated with what appears to be a foot long tongue they laugh for half an hour. By measuring happiness levels before and after we find that this act is good for mental wellness. Please see my webpage on G spots and female ejaculation for finding where the G spots of your partner may be.

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