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Colostrum Strenghtens The Immune System:

Immune System Collapse can be Reversed with Colostrum

Many years ago I came up with the idea of feeding breast milk to old people who had suffered from immune system collapse. I got the idea when I found an obscure reference to Ayurvedic practitioners in India using colostrum for thousands of years in the treatment of flu and colds. I surmised that this would be because the colostrum is somehow boosting the immune system. Proline-rich polypeptide suppresses an overactive immune system and stimulates underactive immune systems. My method was successful, the most famous person who was treated for it was the Queen Mother, then in her seventies, who went on to live for another twenty years or so. (Some breast feeding women always produce excess milk which would otherwise go to waste.) Cherie Booth's mother also recovered from immune system collapse after taking a mixture of human and bovine colostrum.

Whilst my son was in a Special Care Baby Unit a mother complained that her baby was desperate for colostrum for health reasons. There was none spare at the time from the other mothers so I suggested that bovine colostrum be used, the dose being worked out from the average adult weight dosage scaled down to the weight of the baby. This was successful and I was most pleased when the baby was named after me!

Colostrum also fights viruses, bacteria, fungi, and yeast. The active ingredients are over three times higher in cows and so bovine colostrum is beneficial to humans. Some drugs being given to HIV sufferers are essentially synthetic copies of some of the active ingredients in colostrum. As many people are suffering in the Third World because they cannot afford expensive drugs it could be that colostrum would be a beneficial alternative.

I am trying it out for myself. I find that the colostrum gives me more energy and is good for upset stomachs. It is also supposed to be good for middle age spread, which is no bad thing; it is claimed to reverse the build up of calcium which makes the intestines slow down. The claims for it's benefits are impressive, as just a quick internet search reveals.

Colostrum contains immunoglobin G, a common antibody, and lactoferin-r which helps prevent bacteria from getting iron which they need in order to grow. It also contains FGF fibroblast growth factor which stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, the bodies first line of defence in muscle and tendon injury.

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