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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Cure


I once worked with a Vicar's wife who used prostitution as a means to put lead on the village church roof, it was traumatic working with her, and things came to a head when she tried to expose herself to me while having an STD, the smell was so bad that I could not eat fish for decades, and every time I tried to she came back to me in my memories. Then came an epiphany. I was trying to open a combination lock while doing pelvic floor exercises, counting for pelvic floor exercises, and started to think of something else as well. What happened next was that I managed to delete my memory of the combination lock code. It got me to thinking that I might have a do it yourself treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, my Brain Washing Method does do this, but you need someone else to help. However, using my new method I did manage to keep at bay all thoughts of the Vicar's wife while eating fish, I have done so by doing pelvic floor exercises, counting backwards from 100 in 7s, and imagining a red square based pyramid in my mind, all at the same time, while eating fish. I can now eat fish without being haunted by the harridan. This method seems to work for a singular incident such as I had problems with, it does not seem to deal with numerous incidents, such as battlefield memories and I suggest my Brain Washing Method mentioned above should be used instead, and using my Insomnia Cures so that you are not constantly woken up by "the dreams."

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