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Increasing My IQ

IQ is often thought to be fixed at birth and yet studies indicate that IQ can be increased slightly by the educational system. It is only slight because most education revolves around memorizing facts, which increases eidetic memory rather than leaning logic which increases IQ. Put simply, whilst memory tests need the ability to memorize data IQ test questions need logic to solve them.  The two are different skills.
Learning logic and then thinking logically takes time and patience but an increase in IQ brings with it an increase in the ability to solve everyday problems which is socially useful. An IQ of over 150 brings with it the bonus of being able to invent which can be economically useful.
I always tell people that the best way of learning logic is to study and analyse the character Mr Spock (Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015) in 'Star Trek.' Further studies can be of Ancient Greeks such as Plato.
Logic, when taught to those with learning difficulties and strokes can be beneficial so logic is a beneficial tool for both the Educational System, and the Health System. My great-grandfather taught me logical progression as a child, and I returned the favour. Twice when he was confined to what was probably his death bed, I retaught him logic and got a senile man from his bed. Logical progression could become a great technique in our attempts to increase longevity, and improve life in the aged.



In the 1980s I was employed to teach logical progression to members of the armed forces, in an attempt to produce a super soldier for the Cold War, they are renowned for their low IQs and a high number end up in prison after leaving the armed forces. Science has now found out what expert martial artists knew all along, that the higher your IQ the faster the reflexes (martial artists study koans as a method of increasing intelligence). As I thought, as soon as the soldiers got up to an IQ of 150 they realised that their intellect was more important than dying fortheir superior’s important cause, and resigned their commissions. The experiment was both a success and failure, so was cancelled.


In the UK many Chaplains in prisons in the UK use logical progression to stop reoffending in a similar way, and took a lot of setting up. Small numbers of recordings of logical progression sent out at random to people in Third World countries have seen jumps in the economies by 5%, and I would like to see it used in women’s education as a weapon against the climate crisis, the more intelligent a woman is the older she is before having children, and the less children she has. Having one less child is often the best way of cutting CO2 emissions. As several countries are against the education of women, we could make such an MP3 file a free download from the internet, in the same way as I got the Church of England to have free downloads of Bibles for those in the Soviet Union who could not buy a hard copy because the State would not release the stocks of them.


Giving your child the best start in life can be as simple as the method of child birth you give them, with a 15 point advantage when using The Buxton Handclap Method of Child Birth.


An article in 'New Scientist' identified why humans are more intelligent than our genetically close cousins the chimpanzees, and found that it was because the end of the umbilical cord was buried deeper into the mother, and that a natural chemical was the cause of this. It could well be that in the not too distant future women wanting to be mothers may be able to take a course of pills before conceiving, or shortly afterwards, in order to increase the IQ of their children. From observing the medical and educational professionals this might be more likely than using logical progression en masse.


Once you have taken an IQ test, it is possible to gauge everyone else's IQ by timing how long it takes for you to answer a question and then asking the same question of someone, say a politician, and timing how long it takes them to answer the same question. If, for example, they take twice as long to answer the question, then they have an IQ of half of yours!


I have found that logical progression does not work on those from an incestuous relationship, so if you find that you cannot increase the IQ of someone by the use of logical progression there is a reason for it.


People with a high IQ can find it to be lonely, the higher your IQ the longer the spell it is before having another interesting conversation with someone with a similar gift. The best way around this problem is to force the issue by teaching logical progression to anyone that you want to have a conversation with.

Live long and prosper!

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