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Clean Electricity in Just Eight Years for Free

Will Double Fresh Water Supplies

The UK Conservative Government gives £10.5 billion in subsidies from our taxes to fossil fuel companies each year, which equates to £16,153,846 per constituency. With an average of 70,530 constituents in each constituency this works out as £229 generously donated by our caring government per person which leads to more CO2 and more pollution.


The project cost of a 3.5 MW Enercon E126 EP 3 wind turbine costs £3.13 million, and if the subsidies were diverted to renewables we could have an extra wind farm of 5.16 wind turbines in every constituency every year, generating 18.06 MW per hour per year. 34.82 MW per hour is used by the average person in the UK per year, so our wind turbines would provide clean electricity to 8,766‬ more people in every constituency every year, in eight years every constituency would have clean electricity provided locally. As nuclear and fossil fuel turbine generators use 50% of our fresh water in the process of generating electricity having such a policy will also double fresh water sources, that are being increasingly stretched by global weirding.  Think Green. Think Clean.

Recently lies have been permeating that wind turbines do not generate enough volts for heavy industry so we will have to keep fossil fuel power stations. This is not true, for example, offshore wind turbines generate electricity at 230 volts, an offshore transformer boosts this to 220,000 volts, which is boosted to 400,000 volts with an onshore supergrid transformer; this is the highest voltage you get in the UK.

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