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Becoming A Satyr


Curing Premature Ejaculation By Becoming A Satyr

In this invention I use the word satyr to describe a man capable of making love for hours at a time.

Every man is capable of becoming a satyr, there is a simple method of training your body to love for hours at at time. To begin with, at orgasm men grind to a halt, and it is this barrier that has to be broken in order to become a great lover.


So, firstly, you explain to your partner that you want to break through this barrier, and that it will take a few days to achieve.


The next thing to do, which sounds simple, is to go on making love after orgasm, each time for a little longer. The problem is that this is painful, and I would describe it like belly flopping onto an ironing board, you will know what I mean when you try it.


After a few days you will be through the barrier, and be able to make love for as long as your partner wishes, if you intend to do so for more than six hours run a hot bath first, by the time you catch fire the bath will be lukewarm.


Now I would not have this invention on my website if there were not a medical spin off for it, and there is. It has been found to be a tool for curing premature ejaculation, which one in three men suffer from. Sufferers report orgasm takes longer when they have become a satyr, and that the length of time of making love makes the lot of the partner a lot happier, so why not give it a go, and improve your relationship exponentially?

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