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The Buxton Handclap Method of Childbirth


The Buxton Handclap Method of delivering babies that minimises birth trauma to both mother and baby is used in various Third World countries, and according to one statistic quoted in 'New Scientist' would lead to an improvement in IQ of 15 points over natural child birth, and thus minimise intellectual impairment caused by difficult child birth.

With The Buxton Handclap Method at the onset of labour, the birth canal is held open by the hands of the deliverer. (Body building will increased the strength of the deliverer so that they are strong enough to carry out the Method.) The baby can be manipulated into position with the head down from any position by the deliverer holding the birth canal open with one hand and the side of the arm on the other side, leaving one hand free to do any necessary moving of the baby. In the event of the umbilical cord being wrapped around the baby's neck this can be corrected. When everything is as it should be the baby can be gently slid out by hooking the fingers around the chin.

Once delivered the baby can then be tickled to ensure it's airways are clear. The 15 point IQ advantage of my method is because no damage is done to the baby's head where the skull is crushed out of shape as well as no oxygen deprivation which can be serious if labour is prolonged.

And the handclap? It was a name given to the method so that everyone could remember it. If the deliverer cannot put both hands in the birth canal after birth and clap then the mother is considered 'tight!'

Whist my wife was in a Labour Ward I delivered a transverse baby when no doctor was available and saved both mother and baby from serious harm or death. As a low tech invention it saves money as well as being the best option for child birth.


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