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CV and Window Bill:

Inventions, Campaigns, Ambitions

The move away from the East/West border by Soviet Forces to a distance of ten kilometres followed by:

Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty 1&2 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaties 1,2,& 3

The US, Russian Federation, and UK policy of not targeting each other with nuclear weapons

The Democratization of Eastern Europe: all as put to Mikhail Gorbachev*

The plebiscite in Ireland on the future of Northern Ireland 

£1 billion budget to be spent by Northern Ireland Politicians in return for the cooperation of their Parties in Government

The Labour Party policy of putting Health and Education first: as taken from my final year project on why Communism has survived in Cuba and Vietnam, and put to Tony Blair when he became leader

The Labour Party Red Rose Logo**

The Irish Labour Party Red Rose Logo

The Labour Party Credit Card**

The Irish Labour Party Credit Card

Fund Raising Insurance Scheme of the Labour Party

The 'New Labour' slogan The Grey Colour Scheme Backdrops to neutralize Conservative 'Red Threat' scares

The European Labour Party Group Symbol

The colour coded Index on all Labour Party Membership Cards

The 'Labour Listens' Campaign

The Cliff Top Party Political Broadcast of 1987

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown going on the Campaign Trail together in the 2005 General Election

Finding combined Cuts and Savings for the Labour Government of over £50 billion

The GMB Credit Card

The GMB Logo

The Oxfam Credit Card

The Water Aid Credit Card


A Microsurgical Technique for preventing childbirth affecting the personal lives of women

A Microsurgical implement for use against cancer

A surgical technique for restructuring the jaw bone

'Michael Foot,' the HIV Destroying Machine which prolongs the life of sufferers

The Buxton Geothermal Turbine Generator Economy 7, as put to Harold Wilson

Bottle Banks, as put to Harold Wilson

The use of an Oil Eating Bacteria for use on Oil Spills at sea, put to Harold Wilson, a similar method to the one that was used in the Gulf War on the beaches

The possibility that excess water could be moved from Scotland to the South East by present canals

A safety Device for Miners, as put to Arthur Scargill

A safety Device for Workers on Gas Mains

The five Buxton Coefficients of Unemployment used in cutting unemployment levels without affecting the level of inflation, a spin off being that there can be a week on week growth in the Economy

The UK policy of zero VAT on reinvestment for businesses which stimulates the economy

The Buxton Coefficient of Voting Behaviour that proves that the Labour vote is inversely proportional to the price of oil

Discovered that the Unemployment Rate and the Strike Rate were directly rather than inversely linked

Saved the Canadian Caribou from extinction jointly with the Canadian New Democratic Party

Saved the 'Dodo Tree' from extinction

The concept of computerized irrigation to keep the correct water level in a US Nature Reserve, as put to Jimmy Carter

I have campaigned against Political Assassination since 1974: and for a Labour Party in every City, Town, and Village since 1982

A water well dug supplies 50,000 people with fresh water, quadruples the amount of food that can be produced and leads to a fall in the birth rate to Western Levels, within three months (The Buxton Gap). I persuaded the UN to have a policy of digging water wells in the Third World for some years, and intend to do so again

The Buxton Gap of Third World fertility rates

I campaign for the Press Political Bias to be controlled in a similar way to that of the 'yellow book' which regulates political coverage of the BBC in proportion to the number of votes won at the previous General Election

I campaign for regular constituency wide newsletters, which caused a swing of 3% in the 1987 General Election in those constituencies that had one

I campaign to have the political parties funded from the taxation system, with the proportion of the funds to each political party directly linked to the proportion of their votes at the previous General Election

I campaign for all Trade Union Wage Settlements to be settled at the same time annually so that Anti Trade Union legislation becomes unnecessary


*The Democratisation of Eastern Europe was allowed by the Soviet Union in return for the USA agreeing to a Peace Package that I put to Mikhail Gorbachev, a Peace Package which has so far given us INF, CFE 1&2, START 1,2, & 3, ant the non-targeting of each other's countries


** Since giving my combined invention and design to Neil Kinnock, as witnessed by Edwina Currie, I have had to take legal action against the UK Labour Party over it attempting to steal my invention and give it to two other party members (at the same time!). I have also had successful legal action taken against the aforesaid Party in defending my Labour Party Credit Card. (One such  criminal gave other political parties permission to have a similar Credit Card and I am continuing to try to find out who )at the United Nations when it used to enforce £2,000 fines on those that broke it's Charters.





 Window Bill Download

I hope that you have found my Website useful, and that it has given you a few ideas to work on. Here is the new Window Bill that you can copy and print out for yourself. You can even print it on mercandise. I thank you for your support.


'Red Rose Andy' Kadir-Buxton



















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