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Endometriosis Treatment



Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes, and the symptoms are a lot of pain. It has been found that orgasm cuts pain by 80%, most women know of a woman who has an orgasmic nose, and I have a webpage on how any woman can have such a nose, the pain from endometriosis can be got rid of at a stroke.


Going to the toilet involves pain, so stroke your nose before going.


The co- inventor of the contraceptive pill, Gregory Goodwin Pincus, was Catholic and, in an attempt to get a Pope to back his invention, came up with the idea of giving women a week off their pills in order to induce a period; this is not necessary. The Pope was not impressed. This means that a lot of the pain during the menstrual cycle, and heavy flow, is unnecessary although not many Doctors know that it is safe to take the contraceptive pill throughout the cycle and may take some persuading, a google about the work of Gregory Pincus should help.


There is the problem of pain during or after sex, either the orgasmic nose can be used to kill the pain, or Post Sex can be used at this time, as it converts pain to pleasure.


There is research that says that sufferers often get better after having a child, and also with breast feeding. My fertility method will help with getting pregnant, which can be difficult with endometriosis, and I also have a method of increasing breast milk production so much that you can pay your mortgage off with it; as sufferers have lost a lot of money through endometriosis this will help with finances.


As an alternative to the orgasmic nose, hands free masturbation can be used, although it is more time consuming.

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