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How To Feel Young In Old Age:

The Values of The Kadir-Buxton Method

Life expectancy has been growing steadily for over half a century and the UK has now reached a point where there are more people over State Pension age than children. In 1950, a man aged 65 could expect
on average to live to the age of 76. Today, he can expect to live to 87, and by 2050 to 91. 

There is little point in living longer if we just feel older. When the Queen Mother was in her 70s she said to me that she would pay £1million to look young again, and when I asked, said she would pay
the same amount to feel 21. So I used the Kadir-Buxton Method on her. This restores the brain to 'factory settings' and left her feeling much younger. I then asked the Queen Mother how old she felt, and she replied: "24." This was either a near miss or Scottish wit.


Age related brain dysfunctions are eliminated or subdued, which is in itself worth training practice nurses in the Method.


The sex drive of older people who have used the Kadir-Buxton Method also reverts to that of youth. A thirty second trip to your local practice nurse every six months would cost the country very little for the benefits that my Method confers.

Please see: The Kadir-Buxton Method

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