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Vegan Meat Technology


Vegan 'Meat' Alternative better, and cheaper, than Meat


The 'Holy Grail' of vegetarians and vegans used to be to create a plant based food product that had the texture and taste of meat, a prize was going to be awarded by the animal rights organisation PETA. Linda McCartney won the award, with a product cheaper than meat. The new target is to produce real meat in the laboratory, but looks like it will be expensive and bad for the environment, so my invention is still better. The raw vegetable matter was flavoured, and fortified with vitamin B12 (missing from such diets) and then compacted to a density higher than beef. The result is then tenderised by automated steak mallets until the correct tenderisation of the meat you are mimicking is achieved. A few trials provides the answer to that. Jehova's Witness artificial blood complete with red colouring was added.

As veganism is healthier for the planet than animals fed grain, uses less water, fossil fuel used in intensive farming, and greenhouse gas emissions then perhaps all vegans should be campaigning to have more of their food processed in this way.

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