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Period Poverty

Many women suffer from period poverty, they have difficulty finding money for sanitary wear that men do not need to, and there have been attempts to end taxing such products around the world. However, the co- inventor of the contraceptive pill, Gregory Goodwin Pincus, was Catholic and, in an attempt to get a Pope to back his invention, came up with the idea of giving women a week off their pills in order to induce a period; this is not necessary. The Pope was not impressed. Women in period poverty are thus able to take the contraceptive pill all month long at no extra cost. In the UK children and unemployed get free prescriptions, while everyone else can get a pre-payment certificate to spread the cost of all their prescriptions to a low amount for the whole year. Those unable to use the contraceptive pill to end periods can get a cheap one off payment menstrual cup that can be used time after time.  (See: Alleviating Menstrual Cramps).

Biocharing sewage waste destroys Pill resides in waste by 90%.

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