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Alternative to D and C:

Could Be New Form Of Contraception

Overcoming troublesome or irregular periods can lead to the necessity of having a D and C, sometimes repeatedly. D and C stands for "dilatation and curettage". Dilatation means gently stretching up the opening in the neck of the womb with special instruments. Curettage means passing a special scraping instrument through the opening into the body of the womb. This takes place under general anaesthetic and the patient will be unconscious for the operation. The poorer a country is the less likely it is for women to be able to have the procedure. However, I have a low tech procedure that can give many women hope.

I have found that while love making, if the woman's back is scratched in a pleasurable way at the same time, then during orgasm the lining of the womb is shed. Women who have had to have repeated D and Cs who use this new method once a month find that the most number of times that the method has to be repeated is three. And it is not intrusive. This artificial shedding of the womb lining appears to get troublesome periods back to normality. What is interesting is that because the lining of the womb is shed when this back scratching takes place we have a low tech and free form of contraception if carried out once every cycle. It works in a similar way to the coil method of contraception. While the number of women who have tried this method of contraception is low I would like to see it trialed. The population explosion needs a free and easy form of contraception and this could be it.

This method should not be used if you want to remain pregnant.

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