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I suggest to all my visitors that to prevent casualties from the coronavirus outbreak in China that you read my webpage that can keep you alive. Keep well. 



Hello, and welcome to my website. I will start by telling you a little about myself. I come from a long line of inventors, but through the ravages of time I know little of the inventions of my ancestors; this has become a driving force for making sure as many people as possible get to know of my work as a polymath. I became the youngest ever inventor when, at the age of three, I invented a safety device for use in gas mains, it was initially named after me and was known in the UK as “Andrew.” The United Nations Secretary General was so impressed that I did not want money for saving lives that he gave me the title of Honorary Diplomat. I was given the same honour again for my Christian work of digging water wells in developing countries.

I am still inventing today but not all of my inventions have gone mainstream. I like to keep my inventions low tech and cheap so that they can be used by most people, as more complex inventions, such as Economy 7, have not taken off as well as expected due to the difficulty of understanding the concept behind them. Lack of publicity can also be a problem in getting further work used, so this website seeks to address this issue.


You will find that my inventions are wide ranging, from successful peace initiatives such as the end of The Cold War and peace in Northern Ireland (in the face of hostile governments), to medical breakthroughs such as microsurgery, which I came up with when I was 14.


If you find my website inspiring then I hope that you will take a look at my web page on how to increase your IQ, you could soon start inventing for yourself; you may have to abandon those inventions with military application to keep them out of the hands of the politicians, who claim to know better, in order to take the world forwards instead of back.


In any event, happy reading and I hope that you go away with something useful from my lifetimes work.

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